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SEO in Spain

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SEO services in Spain
for international companies. Spain truly is different; different languages and cultures, different ways of thinking and searching is not a problem for us, we are in Spain.

Our SEO services are also truly special; we dont just position words, we optimise whole websites with in-house technology and know-how developed over nearly 20 years experience.

To compete with the best, you have to work like the best. Our SEO for Spain is like that:

  • Strategic consulting. We will help you define a strategy adapted to Spain.
  • Analysis of the competition What have the others done? How many of their ideas could be used?
  • Search trend study How do SPANISH users search for their products and services?
  • Positioning analysis Information on your websites status in the main Spanish search engine. Current positions for main keywords. Existing global traffic.
  • Positioning strategy We analyse the information and search for the best strategy to turn your investment into customers, positioning all the necessary keywords.
  • Web design and development We keep your websites structure and image or adapt it to the Spanish market if necessary.
  • Our own servers To obtain good SEO in Spain, it is better to have a Spanish IP address .
  • In-house CMS technology (user web content management software) ecommerce module, user newsletter sending system, and more
  • Writing business and product releases Our team of writers work in Spanish, adapting your companys communications or directly translating your business or product releases into Spanish.
  • Content publication in different digital media Immediate dissemination of your press releases with links to appropriate sections of your website in Spanish from different agreed on portals and digital media.
  • Linkbuilding We use specialists and in-house resources to build your websites popularity using blogs, forums, business websites, directories and more.
  • Database integrations We can integrate and update databases in your management systems using our CMS technology. Our in-house technology means we work fast and efficiently.
  • ADWORDS and Adwords Premium In some cases, we manage adwords campaigns to launch websites. Once good SEO has been achieved, it is no longer needed.
  • Detailed reports of results We constantly track the development of your website and produce regular reports to keep you informed on the results of our work.

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